Design & Artwork

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Before you start designing please make sure you take into account the following guidelines:

Start a new document and name it.
The name could be anything as long as the same name is used when submitting your artwork to us,
on your Purchase Order and in any other correspondence relating to it.


Set the document size 2mm larger on each side (5mm for fridge magnets) than the intended finished size.
That's 4mm on each axis (10mm for fridge magnets).
This extra margin around the document is called 'bleed'.
The bleed gives us the necessary tolerance against minor inaccuracies occurring at the trimming
and/or folding stage of production.
To achieve absolute borderless printing (no white edges) you will have to extend any background colour
and/or image and any pictures into the bleed.


Select CMYK rather than RGB.
Depending on the application you use to design your artwork this may not always be possible.
At some stage of production the files to be printed have to be converted to CMYK
(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, also known as Process Colour), which is the standard used in printing.
We can perform this conversion for you but due to the differences in each colour spectrum
cannot guarantee a 100% colour match.
Some RGB colours can't be reproduced in CMYK, they are referred to as out-of-gamut colours.
If you use a colour that is out-of-gamut it will be automatically replaced with the closest equivalent CMYK colour
during the conversion which may be different from the colour you want.


Scan Photographs at 300dpi at the size you want them to appear in your artwork.
Save scanned images as EPS or TIFF.
If you need to enlarge or reduce your scanned image later use a dedicated image editing application.
Convert any images you intend to use in full colour from RGB to CMYK.
Convert images to print black only to GREYSCALE.


Set any 100% black text, strokes and curves to overprint not knockout.
Convert all text to curves or alternatively supply fonts used in your artwork as separate files.
In the latter case we cannot guarantee the exact intended position of text due to compatibility issues between
certain applications.

Guidelines for submitting your artwork:

For best results your final artwork should be saved in PDF format.
All artwork submitted to us has to be accompanied by a Purchase Order clearly showing the job name,
which should be the same as the name on your artwork file.
Please register before attempting to upload your artwork to our FTP site.
Alternatively,artwork up to 5MB can be emailed to us, anything bigger please burn to CD
including a copy of your Purchase Order and send to our mailing address.

All prices listed on this website are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without prior notice.

Design & Artwork

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